A. M. Esmonde

Aaron Michael Esmonde (pen name A. M. Esmonde, born 20 August 1977, Swansea, Wales) is a horror, scifi and fantasy novelist, director and producer. The vampire horror novel Blood Hunger (2010) was his first work to be published, followed by the popular zombie novel Dead Pulse. Both ebook editions ranked in the top 100 (free) horror and fantasy charts, Blood Hunger position #13 with Dead Pulse reaching #39. In May 2014 his third novel The Final Version a science fiction thriller was released, with the free ebook ranking at #12 in the USA science fiction cyber punk chart on 31 August 2014 and #42 in the UK dystopian science fiction chart on 30 August 2014.

A. M. Esmonde was also a producer on the film Terminus (2010), which was directed by Sean P. Parsons, and acts as a prelude story to the Blood Hunger novel. He also produced the related short Revamped (2009). In 2013, he became an associate producer of ‚Call Girl‘ the first film in David P. Baker’s ‚City of Sin‘ and the ‚Crime Lord‘ TV series. Also, 2013 saw him direct a revenge themed music video, ‚Say My Name‘, for the rock band V0iD.