Intergalactic Lovers

Intergalactic Lovers is a Belgian indie rock band consisting of Lara Chedraoui, Brendan Corbey, Maarten Huygens and Raf De Mey.

Intergalactic Lovers was founded in the summer of 2008. A couple of its members already participated in the Humos‘ Rock Rally 2008 under the name „Free Zamunda!“ without success. Afterwards, the band was restructured and the current name adopted.

In 2009 Intergalactic Lovers won the Oost-Vlaams Rockconcours and Rock Rally De Beloften. Afterwards, their first successful single, „Fade Away„, reached the playlists of radio channels Studio Brussel and Radio 1. Intergalactic Lovers then released „Delay„, which was chosen as „Hotshot“ by Studio Brussel. The song also made it to the number 1 spot in De Afrekening.

On 25 March 2011 they released their first album entitled „Greetings & Salutations„, after releasing the title track of the album for download. The album was produced at the band’s own expense and received a lot of positive coverage in HUMO and De Standaard.

On 10 December 2011 the band received a MIA (Music Industry Award) for ‚Best Breakthrough Band‘

Their second album „Little Heavy Burdens“ was released on 14 February 2014 by Warner Music in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and by German indie label Grand Hotel van Cleef in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After the release of the album, the band started touring intensively, playing venues & music festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Japan and Russia.

Their musical style has been compared to Feist, PJ Harvey and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In July 2013, it was announced that Intergalactic Lovers will provide the soundtrack for the film Code 37.

Norman A. Erbe

Norman Arthur Erbe (October 25, 1919 – June 8, 2000) was the 35th Governor of Iowa from 1961 to 1963.

He was born in Boone, Iowa. He served as an infantry officer in the United States Army from 1941 to 1943. He then transferred to the United States Army Air Corps as a pilot, spending the rest of World War II as a pilot. After the war, he studied at the University of Iowa, obtaining a law degree in 1947. He entered state politics, serving as Iowa Attorney General from 1957 to 1961 before succeeding Herschel C. Loveless as governor. In the 1962 election he was defeated for re-election by Harold E. Hughes. He hosted the world premier of the motion picture Meredith Willson’s The Music Man (1962 film) in Mason City, Iowa. After leaving politics, he served as Executive Vice-President of the Associated Builders and Contractors in 1979. He published his memoirs, Ringside at the Fireworks, in 1997. He died on June 8, 2000 and is buried in the Linwood Park cemetery in Boone, Iowa.

Only You (Harry Connick Jr. album)

Only You is Harry Connick Jr.’s 17th album from Columbia Records, released in February 2004, consisting of versions of songs from the 1920s to the 1960s. A Grammy nominated album, which has made the top ten album charts on both sides of the Atlantic and was certified gold in March 2004, and platinum in July 2004.

Only You debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200, selling about 140,000 copies in its first week. It also made the top ten of the UK album charts and the Australian top 40 charts.

The initial idea for the album came from Donnie Ierner, the President of Columbia Records who suggested that Connick produce an album of songs that the baby boomers grew up with. In May 2003, Harry Connick Jr entered Capitol Studios to make both Harry for the Holidays and Only You. Whilst playing from the piano once used by Nat King Cole, he led his big band through the selection of Christmas songs and 1950s and 1960s.

On his website, Harry Connick Jr. explained that he wanted to perform songs with a real history to them. „Part of what I wanted to do on this record, “was to focus on songs that had their second success in the Fifties. „My Prayer“ is a great example. I know that most people associate it with the Platters, but I knew the Ink Spots’ version from the Thirties as well. That’s why I picked things like „My Blue Heaven“ and „I Only Have Eyes for You,“ songs I remember hearing as a kid that have a real history.“

A music DVD Only You: In Concert was released in March 2004, after it had first aired as a Great Performances special on PBS.

Songs on the DVD (Live video)

Connick won an Emmy for „Outstanding Music Direction“ in the „Great Performances“ category in September 2004, and received a Gold & Platinum „Music Video – Long Form“ Award from the RIAA for his Only You: In Concert DVD, in November 2005.

Куба на летних Олимпийских играх 2004

Куба на летних Олимпийских играх 2004 года завоевала 9 золотых, 7 серебряных и 11 бронзовых медалей. В общекомандном зачёте Куба заняла 11 место. Знаменосцем был Иван Педросо.

Афганистан • Бангладеш • Бахрейн • Бутан • Бруней • Восточный Тимор • Вьетнам • Гонконг • Индия • Индонезия • Иордания • Ирак • Иран • Йемен • Казахстан • Камбоджа • Катар • Китай • Киргизия • КНДР • Кувейт • Лаос • Ливан • Малайзия • Мальдивы • Монголия • Мьянма • Непал • ОАЭ • Оман  • Пакистан • Государство Палестина • Саудовская Аравия • Сингапур • Сирия • Таджикистан • Таиланд • Тайвань • Туркмения • Узбекистан • Филиппины • Шри-Ланка • Южная Корея • Япония

Американские Виргинские острова • Антигуа и Барбуда • Аргентина • Аруба • Багамские Острова • Барбадос • Белиз • Бермуды • Боливия • Бразилия • Британские Виргинские острова • Венесуэла • Гаити • Гайана • Гватемала • Гондурас • Гренада • Доминика • Доминиканская Республика • Каймановы Острова • Канада • Колумбия • Коста-Рика • Куба • Мексика • Нидерландские Антильские острова • Никарагуа • Панама • Парагвай • Перу • Пуэрто-Рико • Сальвадор • Сент-Винсент и Гренадины • Сент-Китс и Невис • Сент-Люсия • США • Суринам • Тринидад и Тобаго • Уругвай • Чили • Эквадор • Ямайка

Алжир • Ангола • Бенин • Ботсвана • Буркина-Фасо • Бурунди • Габон • Гамбия • Гана • Гвинея • Гвинея-Бисау • Демократическая Республика Конго • Джибути • Египет • Замбия • Зимбабве • Кабо-Верде • Камерун • Кения • Коморские острова • Кот-д’Ивуар • Лесото • Либерия • Ливия • Маврикий • Мавритания • Мадагаскар • Малави • Мали • Марокко • Мозамбик • Намибия • Нигер • Нигерия • Республика Конго • Руанда • Сан-Томе и Принсипи • Свазиленд • Сейшелы • Сенегал • Сомали • Судан • Сьерра-Леоне • Танзания • Того • Тунис • Уганда • Центральноафриканская Республика • Чад • Экваториальная Гвинея • Эритрея • Эфиопия • ЮАР

Австрия • Азербайджан • Албания • Андорра • Армения • Белоруссия • Бельгия • Болгария • Босния и Герцеговина • Великобритания • Венгрия • Германия • Греция • Грузия • Дания • Израиль • Ирландия • Исландия • Испания • Италия • Кипр • Латвия • Литва • Лихтенштейн • Люксембург • Македония • Мальта • Молдавия • Монако • Нидерланды • Норвегия • Польша • Португалия • Россия • Румыния • Сан-Марино • Сербия и Черногория • Словакия • Словения • Турция • Украина • Финляндия • Франция • Хорватия • Чехия • Швейцария • Швеция • Эстония

Австралия • Американское Самоа • Вануату • Гуам • Кирибати • Микронезия • Науру • Новая Зеландия • Папуа — Новая Гвинея • Палау • Острова Кука • Самоа • Соломоновы Острова • Тонга • Фиджи


WinDirStat ist ein freies Programm, mit dem man die Festplattenstruktur einfach analysieren kann. Dabei wird vom Programm entweder eine Partition oder ein Dateiordner nach Objekten durchsucht und entsprechend angeordnet. So können einfach große Dateien oder große Ordner mit mehreren Teilarchiven aufgespürt werden. WinDirStat wird unter der GNU General Public License veröffentlicht. Es wurde vom Linux-Programm KDirStat inspiriert.

Im unteren Bereich wird nach dem erfolgreichen Durchsuchen der Partition oder des Ordners bildlich gezeigt, wie die Festplatte mit welchen Dateien belegt ist. Von WinDirStat wird diese Grafik Baumkarte (nach engl. Treemap) genannt. Dabei wird jede Datei durch ein Rechteck dargestellt. Und Dateien in gleichen Ordnern werden selber auch in Rechtecken angeordnet.

Durch einen Kisseneffekt wird versucht die Angehörigkeit in einen gleichen Ordner zu verdeutlichen. So haben Dateien im gleichen Ordner eine gemeinsame Lichtquelle. Sehr deutlich wird das in dem Screenshot bei den GCF-Dateien (violett dargestellt).

Zusätzlich zur sogenannten Baumkarte gibt es auch eine Verzeichnisliste in einer Baumstruktur, welche die Verhältnisse in Zahlen fasst. So kann ermittelt werden, welche Ordner am meisten Platz benötigen. Diese Ordner werden weiter oben dargestellt. In diesem Verzeichnis selber gibt es weitere Verzeichnisse. Zum einen <Dateien>, welche alle Dateien in diesem Ordner zusammenfassen, und zum anderen die Unterordner des Ordners. Datei sind diese der Größe nach sortiert, und der Wert in den Spalten Teilbaum-Anteil und Anteil bezieht sich auf den Ordner.

Oben rechts befindet sich dann die Typenliste, welche, nach der Größe der Vorkommen sortiert, alle Dateitypen aufzählt. Es werden dabei folgende Werte erfasst:

My Girls (Animal Collective song)

My Girls“ is a song by Animal Collective, released as the first single from their critically acclaimed 2009 album Merriweather Post Pavilion. It was released on March 23, 2009 by Domino Records as a promo CD only.

During the tours of 2007 and 2008 the song was known as „House„.[citation needed] Panda Bear explained to Clash that lyrically the song is about his „desire on a basic level to own my own place and kind of provide a safe house for my family and the people I care about.“ [better source needed]

The song resembles a seminal piece of early house music, „Your Love“, by Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle.

A promotional music video was created, showing the three members who worked on the album performing the song with samplers, synthesizers and percussion instruments. The video was animated by Jon Vermilyea, whose illustrations were used in the artwork for the band’s live compilation Animal Crack Box. Only Avey Tare and Panda Bear’s lips and Geologist’s caving headlamp can be seen, with complete black bodies in colored scenarios, eventually becoming green and melting at the end of the video.[original research?]

An edited version of the song was used in the BBC Panorama program The Secrets of Scientology.[citation needed]

An edited version of this song appears during Jake Johnson’s part in Alien Workshop’s skate film, Mindfield. The song can also be heard briefly during a party sequence in the 2012 film Project X.[citation needed] Beyoncé sampled „My Girls“ in her song „6 Inch“ from her sixth studio album Lemonade (2016).

Livin‘ It Up (Ciara song)

Livin‘ It Up“ is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Ciara for her fifth studio album, Ciara (2013), featuring guest vocals from American female rapper Nicki Minaj. It was written by Ciara, D’Mile, Wynter Gordon and Nicki Minaj, with D’Mile also producing it. „Livin‘ It Up“ contains a portion of the composition „I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky“, as performed by Kid ’n Play.

The song leaked in 2012, without Minaj’s verses, on a playlist for the Cosmopolitan website, and only in 2013, Minaj was included on the track. The song is also the third time Minaj and Ciara work together, and the second on the same album; with the other being its second single, „I’m Out“. „Livin‘ It Up“ is an „Island-flavored“, „feel-good track“ about enjoying life and living life to the fullest.

„Livin‘ It Up“ received positive reviews from music critics who praised the „feel-good“ track for energetic, memorable, affirming that it could be a hit, when released. The song was also a huge success in South Korea, where it has charted at number 2 on the Gaon Charts, selling over 1,000,000 copies in its first week. To promote the album, Ciara recorded „video shorts“ for some songs, including one for „Livin‘ It Up“, which lasts for 1:48.

While Ciara was releasing what was then to be lead-single of her then-titled One Woman Army album, titled „Sorry“, „Livin‘ It Up“ surfaced online, appearing on an Epic Records playlist for, on August 20, 2012. Website Digital Spy reported that the song was expected to receive its radio premiere in the coming weeks, while she had already filmed the accompanying music video. However, the song and the supposed video were never released. In October 2012, in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ciara was asked about working with Minaj on her album, replying „on my album, no“.

However, in 2013, a new version of the song was made, including guest vocals from American female rapper Nicki Minaj, who had already worked with Ciara on another track from Ciara’s eponymously titled album, „I’m Out“. Ciara previously recorded the track „I’m Legit“, for Minaj’s second studio album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up (2012). In an interview for Paper, Ciara talked about the collaboration, saying, „She invited me to be on her album, and I invited her to be on mine. I didn’t feel like there was any other person I wanted for that song. She came in and murdered the verse!“.

„Livin‘ It Up“ was written by Ciara, Wynter Gordon, Nicki Minaj, while Dernst „D’Mile“ Emile II co-wrote and produced it. „Livin‘ It Up“ contains a portion of the composition „I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky“, written by K. Carter, W. Carter, D. Ferguson, W. Hull, C. Reynolds, K. Samuels and B. Sherrer, as performed by Kid ’n Play. Lyrically, for Mesfin Fekadu of Yahoo! Music, the song „has an empowering feel,“ talking about living life to the fullest, with Minaj’s verses affirmes her partner’s greatness.

„I have my doubts in love, but I know it’s true/ I don’t have many friends, but I’ve got you,“ sings Ciara, chanting „Ola ola ey!“ on the catchy chorus. „Cause a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do/ Making up her own rules“ Ciara sings. Musically, „Livin‘ It Up“ is a mid-tempo, „Island-flavored“, Euro and electropop „feel-good“ track, with Pip Elwood pointing out that, „it has an 80s vibe that is ridiculously infectious.“ In this song Ciara displays a vocal range spanning from the harmonized low note of C#3 to the high belt of Eb5.

„Livin‘ It Up“ received generally favorable reviews from most music critics. Andy Kellman of Allmusic named it „one of the album’s highlights“, calling it „functional and memorable“. In a review for the album, Tim Finney of Pitchfork considered „Overdose“ and „Livin‘ It Up“ „highlights“, „because their obviousness transformed into a virtue through the singer’s palpable enjoyment.“ Erika Ramirez of Billboard wrote that „Livin‘ It Up“, „is not only a boost of energy, but you guessed it, confidence,“ praising Minaj for giving „a well-deserved pat on the back.“ Jon Caramanica of New York Times called the song and wrote that it „could pass for an old Erasure song.“ Nick Henderson of Tiny Mix Tapes called it „a kinda-contrived mid-tempo number whose self-affirming mantra rehashes Minaj’s own ‚Starships‘.“ Robert Copsey of Digital Spy wrote the song „has huge hit potential and is about as radio friendly as Ciara gets.“ Website This Is R&B wrote that Ciara „looks to appeal to the young Top 40 market with this feel-good catchy track.“

Lauren Martin of Fact praised the track, writing that „Nicki’s second welcome outing on the joyous ‘Livin’ It Up’ – in which grinning from ear to ear to is a prerequisite – is as much an affirmation of the dominance of female pop stars in 2013 overall as an ode to Cici’s decade in the game. Female artists are currently at the forefront of R&B like never before and it gives ‘Livin’ It Up’ its backbone; Nicki and Cici are holding hands and throwing smug smiles around for all to see, and these two tracks are particular highlights because of it.“ For Sam Lansky of Idolator, „Livin‘ It Up“ „sounds more robust in the context of the album.“ Bradley Stern of MuuMuse called it a „fresh, Island-infused anthem shimmers with a summery vibe, embracing the #YOLO-pop phenomenon without ever coming off as trite.“ Rob Harvilla also of Spin was not favorable, calling the song „a vapid romantic-comedy shopping montage.“

In order to further promote her „self-titled album“, Ciara shot a number of „video shorts“ to bring songs from the album to life. According to herself, „I did video snippets of many of the songs on the album for my fans so they can have the best experience of my music possible. I wanted my fans to see the music for the first time while they are also hearing it.“ „Livin‘ It Up“ was one of the songs to have a „video short“, which lasts for 1 minute and 48 seconds, premiering on July 9, 2013, alongside „Read My Lips video. The video short for „Read My Lips“ was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. The „short video“ sees the singer performing the track in a corridor lit up in blue and pink, while she also mimes Nicki Minaj’s guest verse.

Sam Lanksy of Idolator commented on the video, writing that, „While the song may be great, the video isn’t the most compelling from the little clips CiCi’s shot over the course of this album era — it’s oversaturated in pink and purple and is mostly just one long shot of Ciara dancing in a hallway. But! I do quite like that she lip-syncs to Nicki Minaj’s verse rather than cutting around it. Sort of a nifty touch.

„Livin‘ It Up“ was a huge success on South Korea’s Gaon Download Chart, debuting at number 2, selling 1,142,651, only in its first week. In the second week, the song remained at number 2, selling 736,290 copies, In the third week, the song only fell to number 4, selling 538,973 copies, bringing a total of 2,417,914 copies. As of August 24, 2013, the song was already with 3,159,366 copies sold.

Aside of the „International Digital Chart“, „Livin‘ It Up“ also debuted on the main digital chart, charting with all the Korean singles at number 129.

Matthews Arena

Boston Arena (1909–1982)

Die Matthews Arena (ehemals: Boston Arena) in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), ist das weltweit älteste noch in Betrieb befindliche Eisstadion.

Das Eisstadion wurde am 16. April 1910 als Boston Arena eröffnet und befindet sich heute am östlichen Ende der Northeastern Universität, welche heute auch Besitzerin des Stadions ist. Die Arena war die erste Heimspielstätte der Eishockeyteams Boston Bruins und New England Whalers sowie der Boston Celtics aus der National Basketball Association.

Bis 1982 behielt die Sportstätte den Namen Boston Arena, ehe das auch als Northeastern Arena bekannte Stadion den heutigen, dem Universitätsangehörigen George J. Matthews gewidmeten Namen Matthews Arena erhielt. Diese Ehrung wurde Matthews zuteil, da dieser maßgeblich an der Finanzierung der Hallensanierung 1982 beteiligt war.

Neben den Basketball- und Eishockeyspielen fanden auch andere Veranstaltungen wie professionelles Wrestling (z.B. Debüt von Lillian Ellison), Boxen (Joe Lewis, Jack Dempsey und Gene Tunney) oder Konzerte, wie z.B. von The Doors, Chuck Berry oder Jerry Lee Lewis in der Boston Arena statt.

Das America East Conference Basketballturnier wurde siebenmal im Stadion ausgetragen, sowie das NCAA Frozen Four Finale 1960.

Gegenwärtig wird das Stadion von der Damen- und Herren-Eishockeymannschaft der Northeastern Universität, deren Herren-Basketballteam sowie von der Eishockeymannschaft der Wentworth Institute of Technology genutzt. Verschiedenen High-School-Eishockeyteams steht die Arena ebenso zur Verfügung wie diversen Veranstaltungen der Northeastern Universität, wie z.B. dem jährlichen Frühlingsfest-Konzert und Abschlussfeiern der Lehranstalt. Im Sommer 2009 wurde die Matthews Arena umfangreichen, etwas 12 Millionen US-Dollar teuren Renovierungsarbeiten unterzogen.


Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) selon les recommandations des projets correspondants.

Maidalena est le mot basque désignant Madeleine. C’est le nom d’un ermitage situé sur les hauteurs d’une colline éponyme dans le village de Tardets (Soule). Il est dédié à Sainte Madeleine. Avant cette chapelle chrétienne il y a eu une construction dédiée à la divinité Herauscorritsehe.

On conserve dans la chapelle une pierre qui possède cette inscription :

Actuellement on y célèbre des romerias le jour dit Igantexui (dimanche blanc) ou dimanche de la passion, ainsi que le jour de la Sainte Madeleine (22 juillet). Les pèlerins apportent des offrandes et des ex-voto. Ceux qui ont chez eux un enfant malade, apportent deux de ses chemises : une est laissée, l’autre est ramenée après avoir été frottée contre la statue de la sainte et on la met à l’enfant. Beaucoup de pèlerins effleurent avec un mouchoir le visage de la sainte puis immédiatement le leur afin d’être guéris de maux de tête. Ils laissent dans la chapelle un cheveu ou un peigne ou tout autre objet ayant un rapport avec leur coiffure.

Igande xuri signifie « dimanche blanc » en basque, de igande (« dimanche ») et xuri, zuri (« blanc »).

Il n’existe pas de genre (masculin, féminin) dans la langue basque et toutes les lettres se prononcent. Il n’y a donc pas d’association comme pour le français où qui se prononce ki.

Five years gone

Five years gone es el vigésimo capítulo de la primera temporada de la serie de drama y ciencia ficción Héroes, creada por Tim Kring. Está dirigido por Paul Edwards y escrito por Joe Pokaski. En Estados Unidos, el capítulo consiguió reunir una audiencia media de 11,92 millones de espectadores.

Hiro y Ando viajan al futuro por error y llegan a Nueva York asolada por la bomba cinco años antes. Los dos van al apartamento de Isaac, donde encuentran al Hiro del futuro. Éste les dice que los devolverá al pasado, ya que el Hiro del pasado debe matar a Sylar. En ese momento entran agentes del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional en el apartamento, liderados por Matt Parkman y el Haitiano, que consiguen capturar al Hiro Nakamura del pasado.

Ando y Hiro del futuro escapan, y éste último revela ser buscado como terrorista. Los dos se dirigen a Las Vegas en busca de Peter Petrelli. Allí encuentran a Niki Sanders, que ahora es novia de Peter.

D.L., Micah y Ando murieron a causa de la explosión, atribuida a Sylar, pero que en realidad fue obra de Peter. Nathan Petrelli es presidente de los Estados Unidos y Matt Parkman trabaja para él, persiguiendo a todas las personas con poderes. Nathan considera a la mayoría de ellos una amenaza, y encarga a Mohinder un virus para acabar con ellos. Noah Bennet trabaja ayudando a proteger a las personas con poderes. En todos esos años, Hiro Nakamura del futuro ha estado trabajando para cambiar el pasado.

Parkman le saca el paradero de Claire Bennet (que sigue viva gracias al viaje de Hiro) a su padre Noah, y lo mata. Luego captura a Claire y la lleva ante Nathan. Éste resulta ser Sylar disfrazado, quien mata a Claire obteniendo sus poderes.

Peter, Hiro y Ando van al edificio donde esconden a Hiro del pasado. Mohinder va a matar a Hiro mientras el Haitiano lo sujeta, pero al final mata al Haitiano, liberando a Hiro. Llegan Peter, el otro Hiro y Ando, seguidos de Matt Parkman, que mata a Hiro del futuro.

Al enterarse de ello, Sylar vuela hasta el edificio, donde revela su verdadera identidad. Él y Peter empiezan a luchar con sus poderes. Ando y Hiro regresan al pasado, llevándose con ellos el cómic de Isaac Méndez del futuro, en el que Hiro mata a Sylar.